Genital Aesthetics
Cosmetic Treatment

The aesthetic smoothness of the genital area increases the woman’s self-confidence and makes her feel much happier in her relationship with the opposite sex.

The parts of the genital structure are;

  • Vagina
  • Labia majora (Labium majus)
  • Labia minora (Labium minus)
  • Hymen
  • Top region of labias (Mons pubis)
  • The concept of genital aesthetics, which developed in parallel with the technology, gained rapid acceleration with the development of new laser caps that can be used in the genital area.
  • The concept of genital aesthetics is no longer merely a surgical procedure, and is further advanced with technologies such as laser and radiofrequency, which are associated with the term non-surgical aesthetics. This minimizes the loss of labor, called downtime, and the long recovery time required after surgery. Thus, many patients make a quick return to social life after the application. Genital aesthetic surgeries and their applications can be listed as follows:

Labioplasty (inner and outer labia aesthetics), Correction of the clitoral folds (clitoral hoodoplasty), Surgical vaginal contraction (vaginoplasty), Genital area whitening (laser genital bleaching), Laser vaginal renewal and tightening (laser vaginal rejuvenation), External genital tightening (laser genital area tightening), Labia majora injections, Labia majora aesthetics, Mons Pubis Reduction (Mons Pubis Lift -Venus Aesthetics).

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