Sperm Donation
IVF Treatment

Sperm donation is the treatment of choice when the husband’s sperm is unable to fertilize the egg. This is most common if production of spermatozoa is severely impaired or absent. Sperm donation also gives the opportunity to single ladies and homosexual couples to have children although some countries have restrictions for these patients.

The choice of the donor depends entirely on the patient who will be advised to review several donor profiles for making the best choice. Donation was anonymous for a long time although in recent years non-anonymous donation became available (different legislation applies in different countries). In this case, when the donor agrees to be ‘non-anonymous’, the offspring have the right to receive his contact details at the age of 18 through the sperm bank.

We only use certified sperm from well-known and accredited international cryo banks in Europe and the United States. Due to donor anonymity regulations in Northern Cyprus, we can only provide you with certain information about your sperm donor. We are able to disclose information such as height, weight, educational attainments, skin, eye and hair olor of the donor as well as other social characteristics. However, we do not disclose any information about the identity of the donor. All donor sperm samples purchased from the sperm banks are selected to be anonymous. We also do not accept walk-in sperm donations from local population.. Given that all sperm samples we use at our clinic come from certified sperm banks, all sperm donors comply with international standards of sperm donation which include physical assessment, infectious disease screening, genetic screening as well as family medical history check.

IVF/ICSI Treatment using donor sperm is very similar to standard IVF/ICSI treatment steps identified in the relevant section. The only difference between standard IVF/ICSI treatment and treatment with donor sperm is the fact that the male partner's own sperm sample is used in the former and donor sperm is used in the latter. However, the treatment stages and the medication protocol that the female patient needs to undergo will be similar in both treatment types.

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